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Credit Check Total LogoCredit Check Total
Many credit monitoring and identity protection products on the market today have decided to address the problem of credit theft. CreditCheckTotal is one such offer. On paper, it certainly makes sense. After all, credit theft is a terrible problem faced by modern society. As we advance in a digital age, predators of our credit get more advanced. Products like CreditCheckTotal that focus strictly on preventing credit theft and credit monitoring have become very popular... Read the entire Credit Check Total review

Identity Lookout LogoIdentity Lookout
Identity Lookout is currently the top rated, award winning identity theft protection resource. Identity Lookout has gained a lot of media attention lately because of all the benefits and resources it combines in their product. As well as the overall value, They've quickly garnered a reputation for excellence and a true personal touch. No other product has combined these services into one all inclusive product and the enthusiastic customer word of mouth has been spreading quickly... Read the entire Identity Lookout review

Lifelock LogoLifelock
Lifelock was co-founded by Todd Davis and Robert J Maynard who were disappointed with the growing world economy's influence on cyber crime and the expansion of identity fraud. In 2005 the duo consulted various financial institutions, including the three major credit reporting companies, Experian, Equifax, and Trans-Union to develop a system of providing protection against identity theft. They automated the process of alerting their customers to potential unauthorized access to their credit... Read the entire Lifelock review

Top Choice for 2012: Identity Lookout
After inspecting a number of identity theft protection programs, Identity Lookout has become our top choice. This product offers customers a 7 Day Trial offer that includes an Experian credit report, credit, debit and ATM card protection, their $1 million guarantee, daily 3 bureau credit monitoring, email alerts of key changes to your credit, and 1-on-1 fraud resolution services from their trained staff of credit experts. No other program combines all these services into one program. When you factor in the trial offer, all the ID Theft protection services, instant delivery and credit alerts, it's easy to see why Identity Lookout is our top identity theft protection program.

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