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Many credit monitoring and identity protection products on the market today have decided to address the problem of credit theft. FreeScore is one such offer. On paper, it certainly makes sense. After all, credit theft is a terrible problem faced by modern society. As we advance in a digital age, predators of our credit get more advanced. Products like FreeScore that focus strictly on preventing credit theft and credit monitoring have become very popular. The alternative approach to the identity theft issue would seem to be a combination of prevention with the added value and ability to correct issues as they arise. So which approach to identity theft works best?

Their program is based on the premise that managing your credit gives you the tools you need to fight credit theft on your own. While they also provide credit alerts within 24 hours of critical changes, we find this approach to be a lot less substantial than most identity theft offers on the market today. Unfortunately, FreeScore neither works to prevent identity theft from occurring, nor do they offer any services to help you correct fraud once it happens.

Product Details
FreeScore offers three basic services. Credit alerts that help identify if fraud has occurred, access to your credit reports, and a guide to interpreting your credit report. The FreeScore program is tailored specifically to monitoring your credit. But they've spent little time to build a solid product that assists their customers in correcting issue when they happen, and even preventing theft from occurring in the first place.

The Good
• FreeScore website is simple and straight forward.
• They offer the ability to try their product for 30 days before you purchase.
• Website offers an automatic signup process.

The Bad
• FreeScore doesn't offer ID theft insurance, while many programs offer upwards of $1,000,000 protection plans.
• FreeScore lacks a lot of the basic services we've seen in many other identity theft offers on the market.
• FreeScore offers a do-it-yourself approach to correcting identity theft once it occurs.

The Bottom Line
So is FreeScore really the best identity theft system out there like they claim to be? We’d like to believe, but if it was really that great wouldn't everyone be using it? We’d like to see some more identity protection and less simple monitoring before we get that excited about this product. For almost $180 per year, we'd also feel more comfortable with more robust identity theft recovery services along with all of their monitoring plans.

Our Rating
Click here to visit the Freescore website.

Top Choice for 2014: Identity Guard
After inspecting a number of identity theft protection programs, Identity Guard Total Protection has become our top choice. This product offers customers a 30-day trial offer that includes email, text, and phone alerts, 3 credit scores, comprehensive identity monitoring features, as well as the personal ID theft response team and internet surveillance. No other program combines all these services into one program. When you factor in the trial offer and all the ID Theft prevention and protection services, it's easy to see why Identity Guard Total Protection is our top identity theft protection program.

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