Marine Turns Identity Thief - Sentenced to 5 years in Prison

A former U.S. Marine from North Miami was sentenced Friday to nearly five years in prison for stealing the identities of more than 100 fellow Marines stationed with him in c, as part of a plot to claim thousands of dollars in fraudulent income-tax refunds in their names.

Jobson Cenor, 23, pleaded guilty to wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in October.

According to court records, Cenor corresponded with a Coral Springs woman via e-mail to use the Marines’ names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers to file the phony tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service.

In late 2011 and early this year, Cenor provided the woman, Dorothy Boulin, with the identities of the Marines, many of whom were in his unit.

In February, FBI agents searched Boulin’s residence and found several lists that had the personal information of the Marines.

Boulin identified Cenor as the person who supplied the lists.

On that same day, Cenor and Boulin talked on the telephone about splitting the proceeds of the scheme.

Boulin, who cooperated with authorities, pleaded guilty and was sentenced in July to nearly six years in prison.

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